Hypertunity has been tested with Python 3.6 and 3.7. As of now, there are no plans to support earlier versions of Python. The reason for that is the usage of variable and function annotations, dataclasses as well as relying on the fact that the insertion order of the keys in a dictionary is preserved during iteration. Porting Hypertunity to earlier versions will only make it unnecessarily hard to maintain.

From PyPI

To get the latest stable release just run:

pip install hypertunity

Note that this will install the basic version only, without support for Tensorboard visualisations. To enable this feature you will need to specify the option tensorboard. To run the tests or compile the docs add the tests and docs options respectively:

pip install hypertunity[tensorboard,tests,docs]

From source

To install the bleeding-edge version of Hypertunity, clone the repository, checkout the master branch and install from source:

git clone
cd hypertunity
git checkout master
pip install ./[tensorboard,tests,docs]